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Conference and team building programmes

Our hotel, as a wine and active hotel, offer you a list of programmes in connection with wine- wine tastings, winery trips, on foot,by bike or with nordic walking, and wine dinners and several active programmes.

A small sampling

Have experience vineyard harvest / wine tasting in a Badacsonyi traditional cellar: depending on the season;the visitors can take part in the new crop harvest and „mustivó”contest or in the ripe wine tasting , but the the cheese scones, cheese and apples can not stay away!

Golf programme next to Lake Balaton, in beautiful aera! All week-Greenfee: with 1 or 2 x 9 holes, renting possibility at the golf-course (for beginners and professionals), with electric golf car, golf bag and trolly.

Business golf programme: period of time: 2,5-3 hours program; programme: Introduction to the practical golf with a contest. Maximum 30 person, minimum 20 person. The price included coffee, juice and cakes.

Jeep trip: everybody go out of the office and start a hilarious tour on the hill of Badacsony! Wonderful area , fantasatic challange, memorable adventures.

Hot-air balloon trip over the Lake Balaton: take care of people who are suffering from fear of heights, because next to the height your breath can stuck in because of beautiful scenery.

Sailing trip: if it is Lake Balaton, let's sailing! An informal wine tasting on the back of the waves.

Live Casino: the game money is not real, but who wants to win the most at blck jack and at the poker table, at the end get a present. It is good for testing the persons in the group.Cognac and cigar corner can be added to the fun.

Paintball or laser fight: groups fight with each other, with paint bullet guns, the perfect entertainment is sure, the programme is „direct hit”!

Sense-tour: let follow our senses, with a special wine tasting. With our expert's guide you can taste the smells and flavours of wine.

Tour offers for groups (minimum from 5 person)

1. Tour at the middle of Badacsony

From our starting point, from Hotel Bonvino, we climb the hill of Badacsony, on the south side,and we walk up to the memorial of Pope Paul John the 2nd .Our way back goes throught wonderful landscapes. You can taste famous wines of Badacsony in pleasant local tavern, with local bread with lard.

Price: 2.500 HUF/ person

2. Crisscrossing Badacsony

On the tour of Badacsony we know the legendary of Rózsakő, we climb the „Bujdokók lépcsője” and we make a pilgrimage to the garden of Ranolder.We wait the exhausted hikers with wine tasting and delicious melas at the „Borbarátok” Restaurant.

Price with wine tasting and cold dishes: 4.000 HUF/ person
Price with wine tasting and with warm meals: 5.900 HUF/ person

3. Guided trip on the Badacsony nature path

The Balaton Uplands National Park's colleague guide you in the romantic scenery of the hill and tell stories about the past and the present. You can learn about the basalt, about the mine walls, and about the geologic history. You can discuss the beautiful landscapes's experiences in our wine bar beside a wine tasting.

Price: 3.900 HUF/ person

4.”Ride the horse”:sightseeing in the major of Salföld

Salföld is a tiny village in the Balaton Uplands National Park. The town preserved former image, the streets carry back the athmosphere of ancient times. At the major you can learn the traditional hungarian animals, such as Racka sheep, buffalo, mangalica pig, donkey, Komondor, Puli, grey cattle etc. Several exhibitions also wait for its visitors: photo, herbal, spice garden, agricultural, and carriage. There is a possibility to ride hourse, and horse riding training is available.

Price: 3.500 HUF/ person
Over 25 person, horse shows: puszta-quintett, horse bravours, whip parade, horses seating, laying, several horse skill competitions. At the end of the show horse riding for free: 3.000 HUF/ person!

5. Castle siege at Szigliget

We start the day with a wine tasting and peasant plate in the historical Eszterházy winery. After we capture the castle of Szigliget where we can see histroical battle and can admire the wonderful view.

Price: 2.900 HUF/ person

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