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Wineries of Badacsony

Our featured Partner: Borbarátok Winery

The family winery founded by István Nagy, when he was 5 years old he helped a lot in the vineyard, and he started to make wine later.

He made his theoretical and practical knowlegde perfect at Georgikon,Keszthely.

Taste of great wines:
  • Riesling
  • Kéknyelű
  • Pinot Gris
  • Muscatel

There is a possibility for wine tasting, which is offered with cheese, and it is followed by a delicious dinner in the Borbarátok traditional restaurant.

Borbély Winery -”Hot wines- Vulcanic tastes”

The Borbély Family Winery, based on old family traditions of wine growing and wine-making.

Today, on our 18 ha grape region the wine is made with special processing, from the wild variety of our excellent quality grapes. We are waiting our guests for a thematic wine show.

The wines tasted different snacks prepared by the lady of the house served.

  • muscat otthonel
  • olasz rizling
  • pinot noir rose
  • somlói juhfark
  • szürkebarát
  • tramini
  • kéknyelű
  • late harvest wines and ice wines

Istvándy Winery - ''Bottled-up elegance''

The Istvándy Family dealing winery for decades, now on 40 hectares farm area.

Programs by:
  • Wine tasting bottled wines - Kéknyelű, Rizling, Szürkebarát, Muskotály, Hárslevelű, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Oven-roasted Mangalica Pig and cold cuts prepared
  • Picnic Basket Mangalica products, bottles of wine, grape juice.
  • Fairy landscape's study path for children and adults, discovering Tóti vineyard with "Piroska" (MTZ Tractor)
  • Jazz evenings on Thursday and Saturday at 18:00
  • Petting zoo and playground for children
  • Cycling rest stop and service center

Németh Winery - "The craftsman of wine"

In the Badacsonyi wein counrtyside, the Németh Winery cultivate about two hectares of vineyards. Our product range includes traditional Hungarian varieties (kéknyelű, a budai zöld, a rózsakő, a juhfark), and some famous kind of wine (a szürkebarát, az ottonel muskotály, az olaszrizling és a rajnai rizling).

The main pride of the winery is the late harvest wine made ​​from shriveled grapes, as well as the unique Badacsonyi ice wine. Their wines are listed local - and national wine competitions, the family twice won the "Balaton Wine Master" title. They sold wines in hand-painted bottles.

In addition to the wine tasting goat cheese composed cheese plate, local chocolates, mangalica cold plate are offered.

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