After a long trip, or a horse riding, volleyball, casle visiting, or winery adventure muscle relaxant or a stress relief massage can be very relaxing, and also a curing pampering.

Bonvino Hotel - Wellness

Wellness services

Refresh yourself in our hotel’s spa, where after a day of activities relaxing experience awaits you in the 6 x 13 metres and 1,20 metres deep pool, with adventure elements, jacuzzi, two Finn sauna, infrared sauna and steam bath.

Silent wellness

So during the silent hours only 14 years old or older guests can enter the wellness. This type of initiation works successfully in many hotels and the guests accept with pleasure.

Bonvino Hotel - Wellness

Depending on the occupation, our hotel’s wellness area can be visited by non-hotel guests for a fee.

Bonvino Hotel - Wellness

Massage prices

Service Price
Refreshing massage 4.200 Ft /25 min
Refreshing massage 7.900 Ft /50 min
Aromamassage 4.200 Ft /25 min
Aromamassage 8.500 Ft /50 min
Footmassage 4.200 Ft /25 min
Headmassage 4.200 Ft /25 min
Bonvino refresh 25 min refreshing massage + 25 min footmassage 8.400 Ft /50 min
Bonvino relax 25 min aromamassage + 25 min headmasssage 8.700 Ft /50 min
Endorphine therapie Chocolate massage, chocolate facial mask 11.900 Ft /60 min
Bonvino therapie Body massage with grape seed oil + Chardonnay cream facial mask 11.900 Ft /60 min
“Badacsony” hot stone massage with grape seed oil 12.000 Ft /60 min

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