Our hotel is happy to buy finer raw materials and gourmets from local producers. When you come to us, at breakfast you can taste our homemade jams, smooth pastries and our specialties, which are almost without exception the best of local producers.
At lunch and dinner, try our chef’s seasonal selection based on local ingredients or take part in one of our exclusive wine dinners with the best wine experts in the area.

The spirit of the Hotel Bonvino, which offers a wide selection of the best wines of the Badacsony wine region, offers almost all the best wineries in the region. Our wine bar is also a community space, where the wine talks take place where wine or winery is present, but it can be an afternoon coffee, newspaper reading or an evening card site.

In the midst of the surrounding area, it is immediately apparent that there are little tablets on the door of almost every house, “Wine for sale, Handicraft cheese” or similar inscriptions.

Local specialties and delicacies can be tasted in the restaurants of the area. Specialties are offered almost everywhere. Rare gastronomic miracles can be aroused by locals, be it restaurant or private kitchen kitchens.

Our restaurant’s offers are perfect choices for any day of the year, whether for dinner or for an elegant business or family dinner – and all of this in a cozy ambience.

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