The „world champion quadruple”
Poker – the world’s most popular card game
Black Jack – popular casino table game, where the chances of winning is higher for the player, than for the house.
Roulette – classic casino game
Craps – The craps is a popular casino game played with two dices.
Unpunished entertainment, experiences and excitements! This program held by professional, foreign language speaking instructors.
Price of program: 475.000 HUF+VAT, which price include 3 chosen tables.
Location: public spaces, private rooms of the Hotel Bonvino
Duration: 4 hours

#Life in Hotel Bonvino


Important information about the coronavirus

We would like to inform you that in order to slow down the spread of the epidemic and to protect the health of our families and our employees, the management of Hotel Bonvino Wine & Spa has decided that from March 24, 2020, the hotel will not accept new guests for an indefinite period.
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