The ancient secret couldn’t be posessed by anyone. Participants can solve the ancient mistery while exploring the beautiness of the magical Badacsonytomaj. Unforgetable experience and everlasting secret! The purpose of the fabulous program is to build the team, to increase the problem solving, creativity, and resource skills of the teammates. Ongoig games in unique environment guarantee the limitless joy, but don’t forget the pride of the common work, and the power of cooperation. The final goal is to solve the secret which is possible only if the whole team working together!

Unit price of the program for below 15 person: 111.500 HUF+VAT,
over 15 people: 7.500 HUF+VAT/person

Location: the park environment of the Hotel Bonvino
Duration: 2 hours


In the beginning humans used only the „natural bridges” like the trees across rivers and gaps, natural vaults, and hanging vines. Later itself created like that, more boles next to each other tied up well and covered with leaves, or grider bridges from flagstones, the splice of vines and bamboo fibers made predecessors of the modern suspension bridges.
The program prefers this kind of building form but not only the bulidng is the main goal.
„Parts” are collected during on adventurous way on their tour. Nature and todays modern technology helps us, but common task solving, creativity, ingenuity, good communication and entreprenurship are essential also. The program could be extended by your choice of difficulity level, combination and duration!

Unit price of the program for below 15 person: 181.500 HUF+VAT,
over 15 people: 12.500 HUF+VAT/person

Location: the woodland and the park environment of the Hotel Bonvino / as needed
Duration: 3-4 hours

#Life in Hotel Bonvino