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The introduction of Badacsony, history

It’s area were inhabited also in the ancient times, excavations brought to the surface the remains of a Celtic settlement. The Romans certainly grown grapes in the Badacsony side then had several plantations.

In the Middle Ages, not being in possession of the church, few records have survived about the settlement. It named after an alleged Pecheneg warrior, Urkund's son, Tomaj , who he owned the land when Stephen the First was the king. The first written reference dates from 1313, in Thomay form. Pauline monastery was already here in 1263, this marks were excavated during 19ththe century.

The population are depleted during the Turkish occupation, the parish was abandoned in 1550, but the sources said the settlement was inhabited continuously. The people who living here mainly was dealt wine and fruit cultivation. During the 18th century it became a popular resting place, the local wine became popular, so cellars and wineries were built.

Development of town was countinued in a new direction by opening a basalt mine in 1903, the population has doubled, started industrialization; from 1909 horse-drawn railway was in town.

Vajda Elek (1879-1944), moved to the village in 1911, and he advocated an independent Badacsonytomaj become a village, then he was the clerk of village until his retirement.

The basalt production ended in 1965, but the mountain's scenery and wildlife is unfortunately suffered half a century of mining. To prevent further damage the area was declared to landscape-protection area.

The town received the town rank on July 1st 2004h.

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