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What would you like to do in a hotel?

When the idea of the hotel first formulated, it was clear that the main goal is that: the guests can spend their freetime actively and arrive home with experiences- But what means experience for them? What programmes they would like to attend?

Kate's idea: „The early bird catches the worm”

Kate (35): „ The relaxation is a rare guest in our house, because my sons take all my time, and as a journalist who is working at home, I'm on the alert all day, addition to parenting. If I go to a hotel, I like it when I have time for exercise in the morning, while my husband pays attention to the children. In this way the day begins in a good way, I fill up with energy, for what I don't have time at home in the morning rush.

Awekening is a very important moment of the day, it determines the whole day-wake up in our hotel with „right foot”. Morning swimming and sauna can reanimate the blood. In case of good weather the water of Lake Balaton and the fresh air can intensify the experiences.After that a real, square Bonvino breakfast! Who wakes up early...

Tom's idea: Nordic walking tours

Tom(42): I and my family relax every year more times in Austria, at my wife's parents, we love a fantastic outdoor sport there what is sport and also great activity, this is nordic walking! In Hungary there are lots of beautiful scenery and route that we know it, and we choose hotel because of this criterion . "

Nordic Walking or ski walking is a type of sport, a few special walking stick and a special walking technique is extremely effective and gentle way we can develop our endurance, muscle strengt and coordination. The sport comes from Finland, in Northern Europe has been spread in the 30's, among cross-country skiers as the most efficient form of exercise to keep up fitness of summer. Badacsony the Balaton Uplands with its beautiful landscapes provides perfect environment for this new sport in Hungary. Professional paths are under construction around the hill of Badacsony.

Bea's idea: Cycle tours

Bea (28): „Similar to most of my friends who live in Budapest, in an apartment in the city center , so they try to get out and spend their free time at the fresh air. We love the spa weekends and the Lake Balaton, especially where are cycle routes and sights in the area. To stop during the ride for a glass of refreshment or a picnic ... unforgettable. "

Rent a bike and explore this beautiful region. Would you like to ride in groups? Our tour guides show the best part of Lake Balaton - beauty of the Hungarian Provence. We connect our tours with diverse programs. We kindly offer you tour path!

Adam's idea: Sauna seances

Adam (39): „What do I prefer to do in a hotel? The sauna programs are in the top 5 events. I often spend 16-hour days at work as a programmer, and if we go away to relax, the main goal is the hotel has sauna. I liked the sauna programs a few years ago , with different potting increase the beneficial effect. As the stress melt over me.

What is that more healthy than sauna? Specific sauna potting! Throw up your day and get rid of the overwhelming stress! Our favorites: the potting of ice, beer.

Peter's idea: ''Heating of soul''

Peter (41): „This is a complex question - the people in general I think depends feels good when you can enjoy imaginative programs in the hotel, something that really lift your spirits, you can try new activity... for example. an amateur landscape painter afternoon at Lake Balaton! At home I don't try painting, but in a new environment I would try it! "

In addition to the physical relaxation after today's hectic world, it is very important to overcome the "internal" mental symptoms of stress. That's why every day we surprise our guests with something new: often a sweet surprise, debut wineries, wine conversations with music.Amateur landscape painter minutes near Lake Balaton ... Before start to paint, visit painter of the Lake Balaton, Egry József's temporary exhibition. If you also need a little "soulheating", please join us!

Dora's idea: Wine presentation at afternoon

Dora (55): „It does not even matter if I choose a hotel in Badacsony, I expect to get know the local good wine every day - listen and taste its history.
As wine-friend I certainly return many times to such a program. "

Every afternoon you are welcome in our Wine Bar, where wine of the day is presented.

Wine stories, thoughts, talkings

Laszlo's idea: Small and big winetours for beginners and professionals

Laszlo (32): „On the last company training we took part on a super wine tasting, we got know the wineries, and tasted the most delicious „grape juices” and we got a matching dinner. Next time I took my family to a winery trip.”

Our hotel cooperates with the best wineries to let our guest know the best wines in the Wine Area of Badacsony. There are several types of wine trips: from on or two wineries till all day winery trips, with tasting or dinner on a horse and carriage or by bike, to know some types of wine or the complete assortment- in our hotel everyone can find the best wine programme.

Agnes's idea: Game nights

Agnes(43):” I don't have too much time for relaxing with my husband, and we love it when there is a healthy balance between the relaxing and the activity. So we would like something „easy”programme for night, for exanple a romantic cinema with popcorn, or a board game.”

Board game,activity,table football, card game – Our guests can compete on a domestic competiton , and the winner gets a gift.

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